Custom Area Rugs

We specialize in custom area rugs and runners that are built to fit your individual color, size, and style. We can make any size area rug or runner from all in-stock carpets. Whether you want a round area rug, square or rectangular area with a custom border, American Carpet can do it. We bind carpets daily in house so we can offer a very quick turnaround time and very competitive pricing. Your carpet never leaves our premises!


With all of the traffic that your carpeting gets, it’s not surprising that it occasionally gets damaged. Many homeowners are unaware that there is a middle ground between replacing your entire carpeting and rearranging your furniture to hide the damaged spots. Proper cleaning, maintenance and repair of your existing carpet extends its life and costs less over time. At American Carpet we use all in-house installers, unlike most other flooring businesses that sub-contract their work. We have used the same top-notch, trusted installers for over 20 years and we are proud to have them on our team Our carpeting professionals can often repair the damage that your carpeting has incurred such as:

– Pet bites, holes, and tears
– Cat claw holes and loose fibers
– Ruffled carpet, wavy carpet, loose carpet
– Carpet seams and fixing loose carpet seams
– Flood repair and flood repair replacement
– Carpet snag removal
– Carpet ripple repair
– Carpet bulge repair
– Carpet threshold additions between rooms
– Carpet matching
– Carpets detached from tack strips
– Replacing tack strips and rotted tack strips
– Carpet repairs on exposed seams

The most common problems we are asked about are:

Damaged Carpet

Solution: “Cut and plug” is used to repair small areas of carpet that are burned, stained or damaged. The damaged piece of carpet is cut out and a good piece of matching carpet is hot-glued into its place. If leftover matching carpet isn’t available, a small piece is usually taken from a closet or similar hidden location.

Loose or wrinkled areas of carpeting

Solution: Re-stretching is used for loose and wrinkled carpets. Like a facelift, re-stretching makes carpeting tight again. This also prolongs the carpet’s life by eliminating wrinkles which can cause the carpet to wear more quickly from the constant back and forth bending that occurs when they are stepped on. It also reduces the danger of tripping on the loose material.

Flood Damage Removal

Dealing with flood damaged carpet can be exhausting and time consuming. We understand the concerns of our clients and cater to immediate flood damage removal and re-installations to get your home or business back in order.

Selling Your Home?

Selling your home – Need some repairs done? Let us be your one stop shop for your carpet repair needs.

Don’t waste your time by having just anyone take care of your carpet repair needs – we do the job right the first time which saves you money.