Vinyl Tile & Laminate Flooring

Vinyl and laminate tile are often considered an inexpensive alternative to other flooring choices. However, their popularity is growing and people certainly are attracted to them because of their pricing. In addition this flooring choice can last up to 20 years and take a lot of abuse! Laminate is a nice alternative to the expensive hardwood floor. Vinyl tiles have a much larger selection in colors and style than regular flooring tile.

Vinyl and laminate tile is often considered an inexpensive alternative to other building materials. Early vinyl and laminate tile was certainly “cheap” in every sense of the word. Since they are both relatively new materials, to some extent they have been unfairly written off before they hit their stride.

Whether they are the best choice for every situation is left up to the homeowner installing them. This much, however, is certain: the popularity of both vinyl and laminate tile is growing. People certainly like the price, but there are other qualities as well causing such mass appeal.